Dota IMBA 7.04a - The Wild Origins Update - See the Changelog

Issue #540 - Tiny multiple unit Toss exploit

Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Created: 3 weeks ago

A Tiny with the "Toss all units" talent paired with a Broodmother can basically oneshot entire buildings by having the Brood gather an army of spiders and chucking the entire mess at whatever structure looks at them funny (also causing tremendous lag). The only way to stop this is to jump the Tiny before they get into range (which is hard when he BTs onto the spiderball with his BKB already activated) or to catch the Brood whilst she's building her army (which is also hard with her being harder to catch than the Roadrunner).


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Maelstorm 2 weeks ago

Nerfed the multitoss talent to deal only 100 bonus damage per extra unit tossed beyond the first (still does 20% damage to buildings)

Hastur the Vile 3 weeks ago

Exploit =/= exactly what it's intended to do

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