Dota IMBA 7.04a - The Wild Origins Update - See the Changelog


January 31, 2018 12:37
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* Donators can now change their companion in-game!
* Edited War Veteran tooltip to be more clear about the effects given
* Reduced Buyback cost by 30%

* Fixed Custom Heroes with duplicated abilities
* Fixed Dragon Knight's Aghanim effect not properly setup if melted by Alchemist
* Fixed Phoenix's Icarus Dive's max end damage being too high
* Fixed Pudge Dismember's status bar not shown
* Fixed Pudge Dismember's ignoring Linken's Sphere
* Fixed Warlock Level 20 Upheaval Demon channel not working
* Various particles precached (might fix some missing effects)

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Hvergelmir commented at January 31, 2018 14:58

fix Phoenix 1st but 2nd still deal 700 dps, gj, best update

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