Dota IMBA 7.04a - The Wild Origins Update - See the Changelog


February 1, 2018 11:47
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* Enabled Anti-Mage
* Enabled Beastmaster (please report if his Q still crash the game but should be fixed)
* Added back Ember Spirit level 40 talent 3 sleight of fist charges (no longer gives 3000 charges)
* Dragon Knight can now move Aghanim Scepter in inventory (move, drop, sell)
* Added a new Companion to choose for donators: Amaterasu (you can check it in Imba Game Info --> Donator)
* Mega Treads can now be dissasembled
* Replaced Picking Screen Random buttons (created by WarpDragon!)

* Fixed Ancient Apparition Ice Vortex not reducing magic resistance
* Fixed Dragon Knight Elder Dragon Form not disabled when Break applied if Dragon Knight have Scepter (passive Dragon Form)
* Fixed Dragon Knight Elder Dragon Form debuff lasted forever (damage reduction talent over DK while in Dragon Form)
* Fixed Hot Disabled Heroes could be randomed
* Fixed Roshan being error and not dropping Aegis on death (also not respawning)

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